Right away, I have to say that I love the playful box. It kept my delicate treats safe all the way home from the Bastille Day NYC celebration on 60th street. The macarons came pre-selected, 4 to a box, for $5 per box. This seemed pretty affordable.

“Tiny Treats” they definitely are! I would describe them as an amuse-bouche dessert. I managed to eat them in two bites, but that was not without missing a crumb or two of the shell. They have the flavor of classic French macarons, but a little bit smaller.

The flavors that I was happy to enjoy were raspberry, apricot, chocolate and coffee. At first glance, these macarons did not appear to have very much filling. But after taking a bite, I found them to be bursting with flavor! While the actual amount is not plentiful, any more filling would actually end up overwhelming the cookie. Well done! The shells were all delicate and crackled upon the first bite. The cookies, or biscuits, were fantastically soft and fresh.

I thought that they two fruit flavors were very good. It was actually my first time tasting a coffee macaron and I enjoyed it. As for the chocolate, I found it to be so chocolaty and smooth for such a small bite. This one was my favorite. Because I also love to eat chocolate, I am sometimes disappointed by chocolate macarons, but this one did not disappoint!
Tony Treats

tinytreats box
Tony Treats

Who should go here: Great for anyone trying a variety of flavors, someone new to macarons, a person watching their waist but wanting the delicious treat, to accompany other desserts either in their cafe or at home (remember, they travel well in that box!).

I’ll definitely be stopping by the shop to try: Lemon, Vanilla and Pistachio
Although, I’m not 100% that their shop is officially open yet.

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Georgia Stamoulis closed Georgia’s Café and Bakery, her Upper West Side cafe, three years ago after it was destroyed by a fire. Now, Ms. Stamoulis, the petite but feisty entrepreneur, who just turned 80, is back. She has partnered with the baker Aliou Hane, who studied pastry in Paris and worked at her old cafe, to open Tiny Treats Café nearby. Mr. Hane had his own mail-order macaron company, Tiny Treats, and their new cafe combines the macaron business with items that were popular at Georgia’s, like cookies, muffins, financiers and excellent croissants:

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Georgia’s old location succumbed to a fire in December 2011.
Fans of Georgia’s Cafe & Bakery have been hoping for two years that the neighborhood spot would reopen, and they’re about to get their wish.
Real estate broker David Chkheidze said that he helped Georgia’s owner Georgia Stamoulis rent a new spot on Amsterdam Avenue between 89th and 90th streets. That’s just a block from its former location at 89th and Broadway, which suffered serious damage in a fire about two years ago, forcing the cafe to close for good. The old spot is now occupied by restaurant Cibo E Vino.
amadeusGeorgia’s new spot at 616 Amsterdam Avenue was formerly the home of Famous Amadeus pizza.
Georgia’s was a local favorite, with a wide selection of comfort foods like quiche and roasted chicken, along with pastries and drinks. They also used to have live music once a week.
Stamoulis is aiming to open by May 1, and hopefully before that, Chkheidze says.

WHY ALAN CHARTOCK CAN’T STAY AWAY FROM AN EVER-EXPANDING BAKESHOP By Alan S. Chartock If you ever run across anyone who lives in the Upper West 80s or has recently spent any time on the West Side of Manhattan, ask them if they know Georgia’s. They are sure to look at you with wonderment in their eyes. Georgia Stamoulis comes from a Greek family, and when you ask her how she got into the restaurant business, she simply says, “I’m Greek.” Her family comes from the Greek Island of Chios. What started as a patisserie has grown in size and reputation. Now when we get into New York, our favorite thing to do is head to Georgia’s Bake Shop, on Broadway at West 89th Street, and sit at one of the outdoor European-type tables in the summer and inside in the winter. We watch people, from Kevin Bacon to that guy from Law and Order, walk by. According to my almost-Ph.D. daughter, who sits with her mother to watch the scene, Joy Behar of The View is always around. Stamoulis is no novice. Now 74 years old, she went to the bank and asked them for a loan for her new enterprise. Probably based on her tremendous success with Silver Moon Bakery, on Broadway and West 105th Street (she and a partner still own and operate it with great success), the bank gave her the loan. Her friendly banker told her that it was a tremendous vote of confidence, since they didn’t usually give loans to people her age. She started by renting a small store on the southeast corner of Broadway and 89th Street that was once a cell-phone store. (“We have too many cell-phone stores,” she says with characteristic feistiness.) She rented the frame shop next door when it went out of business. (“We have too many frame shops on the West Side.”) She loves to play tennis and takes dancing lessons. She says that she wants to keep as much business in the neighborhood as possible. She spends a lot of time on the smallest amenities, including faithfully tending the little planters adorning the perimeter of her space. The shop is dog friendly, and the dogs lie by their humans’ sides in the permitted outside areas. You’d almost think you were in Paris.

The pastries are prepared by Aliou Hane (formerly of the famous French pastry shop Fauchon and the Plaza). They are so special that the lines are frequently out the door. Ditto the amazing breads. Complimenting the work of pastry chef Hane is another Stamoulis find, Luisa Fernandes, who was nominated as one of the top 10 chefs in Westchester. The 54-year-old Portuguese native has expanded the menu to the point that the little-bakery-that-could now serves tapas in the afternoon and dinner until 9:30 p.m. every night. The eggs benedict, salads, sandwiches, breakfast pancakes and soups are phenomenal. Stamoulis knows people, and they love her. She is treated as a local celebrity akin to Toots Shor of late. People drop by just to speak with Stamoulis and get her views on everything under the sun. She recently greeted a customer named Bonnie, legal assistant to a judge, and called out to her dog, Audrey. Another customer, Michelle Zaiser, said that while she has had opportunities to rent better apartments in different places, “I couldn’t leave Georgia’s. I’m in here three times a day. The cappuccino is the best on the West Side.” Talk about loyalty.

My wife, Roselle, says that Georgia’s is a restful place. The coffee is excellent, and the pastries are wonderful, but the best thing is the pain ordinaire, a simple sourdough roll that, with butter and jam, is my favorite thing. Now with the addition of eggs, I can’t stay away. But what Roselle really loves is the vantage point that Georgia’s provides on the world. “You see every age, every color, every kind of dress, or undress. You hear every language and you try to imagine where they are going or where they are coming from. There is an awning to protect you from the sun, and the fact that she is on the corner allows you to see people coming from four different directions. If you want to understand the West Side, Georgia’s is the place to be.” Of course, Stamoulis has her concerns. The rents on the West Side are prohibitive, and you have to sell a lot just to keep up. Her concern is not unwarranted, but my money is on Stamoulis to beat the odds. Alan S. Chartock, a born and bred West Sider, is president and CEO of WAMC/Northeast Public Radio and executive publisher at The Legislative Gazette.

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Georgia’s Bake Shop

More and more pastry shops are morphing into cafés and restaurants. This bright number has recently expanded into the space next door, allowing for a roomy dining area. Executive pastry chef Aliou Hane, a Fauchon alum, churns out French style raspberry mousse, chocolate éclair and fresh Viennoiserie. The Greek salad is particularly authentic. And why not? Georgia Stamoulis, a partner at the Silver Moon Bakery, is the owner here. Naturally the bread comes from Silver Moon, a real plus.
2418 Broadway between 88th and 89th Streets. 212 362-2000

georgia apricot tart
Apricot tart at Georgia’s balances fruit, nuts and crunchy dough. Photo: Sylvie Bigar

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When Georgia’s Bake Shop opened last week at 2418 Broadway (89th Street), Basil Pologianis, an owner and a pastry chef, had trouble keeping up with the opening-day demand. The neighborhood, which had been watching and waiting for weeks, could at last buy the shop’s earthy breads and corn muffins with corn kernels and glazed tops. There are also delicate buttery croissants and other French pastries, and tarts including Earl Grey ganache, citrus, lattice pear and macadamia nut. Most of the pastries are $2.50 to $4.50. Mr. Pologianis’s partner is Georgia Stamoulis, who is also an owner of Silver Moon uptown. Alain Roudiere, who was at the Castle at Tarrytown, N.Y., creates the pastries.

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The upper West Side feels a bit more like the Left Bank these days. Last week, Georgia’s Bake Shop, a very Parisian patisserie, opened on Broadway and 89th St., and the neighborhood has been quick to discover its croissants ($1.75), chaussons/apple turnovers ($2.50) and chocolate brioches ($1.85). The bakery – with its red-and-white striped awning, tiny tables with wrought iron cafe chairs and French doors – is the brainchild of Georgia Stamoulis (also a partner in Silver Moon bakery on 105th St.) and Basil Pologianis, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute. Pologianis, who apprenticed at Payard and Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Factory, is an actor in his spare time, but he’s had little time to spare since Georgia’s opened – for which he is grateful. He’s still tweaking the recipes for his French boules and baguettes. If you want something a little more down-home, he also makes light-as-air chocolate muffins ($2) and dense and delicious oatmeal-chocolate-chip-walnut cookies ($2.75). Georgia’s Bake Shop. 2418 Broadway. (212) 362-2000.