Georgia And Aliou’s Tiny Treats Café

The Upper West Side’s Bakery Queen, Georgia Stamoulis, is back and delighted to have opened her new café with Executive Pastry Chef Aliou Hane. After a disastrous fire in 2011, Georgia’s Bake Shop closed. Georgia, who is still a partner at Silver Moon Café, has been asked over the last two years by clients and locals alike, “When are you going to re-open?” So Georgia and Aliou went on the hunt for a space that would work that was not too far from the original Café. The combination of “Georgia’s Café” with Aliou’s “Tiny Treats” is already a big hit and a welcome return to the neighborhood. Owner and Chef Georgia Stamoulis, a staple and a notable fixture on the UWS, is still going strong showing what a personality, exceptional sense of hospitality and business acumen can achieve. Simultaneously celebrating her 80th birthday, the seasoned entrepreneur is excited about the rebirth of her café, which opened on July 8th, 2014 .

Georgia Stamoulis And Executive Pastry Chef Aliou Hane

Owner and Executive Pastry Chef Aliou Hane originates from Senegal and moved to Paris after graduating from high school to take a four year college degree for urban planning at Institut Francais D’Urbanism at Marres-La-Vallee. The following summer, he received his master’s degree. One day Aliou found himself in pastry shop La Brioche Doree where he decided to take a position for the summer. After 3 months he found that his love and passion was for pastry making and went back to school where he developed his impeccable pastry techniques and earned his Certificate of Pastry Chef, after graduating he left for America. While in the US and working at Au P’tit Pain, he contractually provided desserts for all flights from New York to Paris for Air France. He later worked as pastry chef at Le Chantilly Restaurant, Tavern On The Green, The Plaza Hotel, Fauchon, Georgia’s Bake Shop, and Silver Moon Bakery. Aliou started his own business Tiny Treats selling Gluten Free Macaroons that has been very successful, so it seemed only natural to team up with long time friend Georgia to open the Café. Tiny Treats Café was a participant at the French Institute Alliance Française’s annual Bastille Day Celebration on 60th Street on Monday, July 14th.

Georgia’s Café & Tiny Treats is a smaller reincarnation of the original, and offers the same friendly and familiar service. The Café has also acquired the state of the art Multichef created in 1935 by Swiss engineer, Erwin Ott, a machine that can heat, cool, mix, and freeze – all in one vertical cylinder, the Multichef has become the best secret of pastry chefs around the world. Where the multi chef trumps is in the production of Frozen Desserts, from Sorbets, Frappes, Granites, Ices Gelato, Ice Cream, Glaces, Jams and Jelly’s, Chocolate and Fruit Mousse, Puddings, Truffles and much more. Over 40 recipes can be programmed and executed with repeatable results that push culinary limits. The Café will showcase a unique line of Tiny patisseries as well as an amazing selection of freshly made lemonades (including their famous Fresh Ginger Root Lemonade), Gluten Free Macaroons, and Artisanal breads. The open style kitchen offers the ability for guests to view the moving parts of the day-to-day operations and will be offering special cooking classes in the not too distant future. There are café tables available to sit and enjoy breakfast, lunch and early evening fare.

Tiny Treats and other specialties will be available to order on-line or you can visit the Café and select from the visually stunning array on display.
Georgia’s and Aliou Tiny Treats Café is located at 616 Amsterdam Avenue (between 89th and 90th Street). Hours of Operation – Monday Thru Friday – 7.30am to 8:00pm and Saturday and Sunday 8am to 7pm. Delivery and catering are also available.

For more information please call 646.767.9797 or email info@tinytreatscafe.com