Right away, I have to say that I love the playful box. It kept my delicate treats safe all the way home from the Bastille Day NYC celebration on 60th street. The macarons came pre-selected, 4 to a box, for $5 per box. This seemed pretty affordable.

“Tiny Treats” they definitely are! I would describe them as an amuse-bouche dessert. I managed to eat them in two bites, but that was not without missing a crumb or two of the shell. They have the flavor of classic French macarons, but a little bit smaller.

The flavors that I was happy to enjoy were raspberry, apricot, chocolate and coffee. At first glance, these macarons did not appear to have very much filling. But after taking a bite, I found them to be bursting with flavor! While the actual amount is not plentiful, any more filling would actually end up overwhelming the cookie. Well done! The shells were all delicate and crackled upon the first bite. The cookies, or biscuits, were fantastically soft and fresh.

I thought that they two fruit flavors were very good. It was actually my first time tasting a coffee macaron and I enjoyed it. As for the chocolate, I found it to be so chocolaty and smooth for such a small bite. This one was my favorite. Because I also love to eat chocolate, I am sometimes disappointed by chocolate macarons, but this one did not disappoint!
Tony Treats

tinytreats box
Tony Treats

Who should go here: Great for anyone trying a variety of flavors, someone new to macarons, a person watching their waist but wanting the delicious treat, to accompany other desserts either in their cafe or at home (remember, they travel well in that box!).

I’ll definitely be stopping by the shop to try: Lemon, Vanilla and Pistachio
Although, I’m not 100% that their shop is officially open yet.

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