When Georgia’s Bake Shop opened last week at 2418 Broadway (89th Street), Basil Pologianis, an owner and a pastry chef, had trouble keeping up with the opening-day demand. The neighborhood, which had been watching and waiting for weeks, could at last buy the shop’s earthy breads and corn muffins with corn kernels and glazed tops. There are also delicate buttery croissants and other French pastries, and tarts including Earl Grey ganache, citrus, lattice pear and macadamia nut. Most of the pastries are $2.50 to $4.50. Mr. Pologianis’s partner is Georgia Stamoulis, who is also an owner of Silver Moon uptown. Alain Roudiere, who was at the Castle at Tarrytown, N.Y., creates the pastries.

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